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"The Art of Violin Retouching"

This is a unique step by step instructional guide for violin restorers and people wanting to understand retouching. It is illustrated with color photography which enhances its value as a teaching manual, and printed in a format that is easy to use at the workbench.
The book is written in the style of an inspiring philosophical commentary on artisanship. Its beautiful photographs and aesthetic layout make it also a perfect coffee table gift for people interested in artisanship, craftsmanship and musical instruments.

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I specialize in violin retouching and offer violin restoration and repair of violins, violas, cellos and basses. In my violin restoration - repair shop, I approach each repair or restoration as a unique work of art. I carefully restore the craftsmanship and musical tone of each instrument. My specialty is touch-up, known as retouching, and spirit varnishing (see my page on Varnish Touch-up). Below are two short animations. The first showing a cracked pegbox with double Flank Repairs combined with Peg Bushings and the steps towards the final retouching. The second one is shorter demonstrative animation showing just a few of the steps involved in retouching taken from my book, "The Art of Violin Retouching".

Feel free to explore my violin site further. Here you will find more information about my art of violin restoration, retouching and repair.
The artisan works carefully to restore the instrument to its original structure, both to preserve the historic value, as well as to carry forth the characteristic improvement of the tone that results from aging of the wood. The tone quality of the violin and its relatives, viola, cello and bass, actually improves with age, because years of seasoning increases the wood's ability to resonate. Beyond that, playing the instrument causes the tone to improve continuously.

People ship instruments for restoration, retouching and repair from all over the country. My shop is now located in Durango, CO in La Plata County at the Four Corners of CO (Colorado), UT (Utah), AZ (Arizona) and NM (New Mexico). You can visit my shop by setting up an appointment. Pick up/delivery and service call options are available. For shipping instructions and recommendations, go to the "Contact Us" page or click HERE for a Word document.

On my "Testimonials" page are a number of nationwide customer e-mails.

I offer fun and informative presentations to students and instructors about repair, restoration, retouching, how to care for instruments, design and tonal quality. Please see section under "Presentations" for more.

Member of:
Violin Society of America
American Musical Instrument Society

Violin Makers Association of Arizona International
The Southern California Assocation of Violin Makers
Michigan Violinmakers Association

Training in advanced restoration at the Violin Craftsmanship Institute, UNH

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone with restoration questions.
Phone: 970.903.2173
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